Welcome to Competition Law Center

The Competition Law Center (CLC) promotes the effective design and implementation of competition law systems in the United States and abroad.  The George Washington University Law School founded the CLC in March 2008 with a generous cy pres award from the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.
The CLC’s programs include:

CLC's programs


In cooperation with Oxford University’s Centre for Competition Law and Policy, the CLC edits the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (JAE), which is published by Oxford University Press.   The JAE provides a forum for articles focused on issues related to the design and operation of competition law regimes.

In 2012, in cooperation with the Institute of Competition Law and the journal Concurrences, the CLC established a program of Antitrust Writing Awards to recognize important academic research and commentary by practitioners. 

The CLC also conducts its own competition policy research.  As of 2013, the CLC publishes a benchmarking report that analyzes over 120 competition law systems according to important institutional characteristics.  This project formed part of United Nations Conference on Trade & Development Research Partnership Platform.  Additionally, the CLC has created a unique database that includes profiles for worldwide competition systems.

Advice and Education for Competition Systems

The CLC consults with competition agencies around the world on the design and implementation of competition law.  Among other topics, the Center provides competition agencies with advice on the organization, management, strategy, and the setting of priorities.  These advisory functions benefit from the CLC’s research program and from lessons derived from the intensive examination of individual competition systems.

The CLC also provides educational programs for competition agencies and collateral institutions (such as courts and professional societies) whose work is important to the successful implementation of a competition law.

Forum for Discussion

The CLC holds conferences, seminars, and workshops to join academics, business managers, government officials, judges, and practitioners in discussions about competition policy issues.  In March 2013 at the GW Law School, the CLC and Concurrences hosted a seminar on Antitrust in the Obama 2d Term: What to Expect? On June 28-29, 2013, in cooperation with the American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the CLC will host a conference on ex post evaluation of merger enforcement.

Student Professional Development

The CLC engages GW students in all phases of its programs.  Students contribute to research projects, help organize conferences, and assist in consultation and educational projects for competition policy systems.  Additionally, GW students that have a keen interest in competition may apply for a fellowship position at the CLC.