Seminar on Competition Law & Economics for Latin American Judges
Washington DC, 1- 4 July 2013

Seminar on Competition Law & Economics for  LA

The Regional Center for Competition Law in Latin America, George Washington Law School Competition Law Center & the Inter-American Development Bank hosted a seminar during for days for Latin American Judges.
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Problems and Prospects of Anti-Monopoly Law: A U.S.-CHINA COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE 
Washington DC, 7 May 2013

Problems and Prospects of Anti-Monopoly Law

Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Anti-Monopoly Law in August, China has witnessed progressive developments in antitrust rule-making and enforcement. In the emerging market economy, antitrust enforcement has presented challenges and problems for businesses, enforcers and the academia alike. Our distinguished panel consists of high-profile antitrust experts with extensive government and private practice experiences in both China and the United States. They will provide their insights and perspectives on key antitrust issues, the current regulatory environments in the U.S. and China, as well as potential future developments.
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Antitrust Writing Awards & Ranking 
Washington DC, 9 April 2013

Antitrust Writing Awards & Ranking

The 2013 Antitrust Writing Awards featured an Academic Board with 20 leading US and EU professors (NYU, Washington University, Georgetown University, UCL London, Paris Sorbonne...) and a Business Board with 15 counsels (Nestlé, Microsoft, Bertelsmann, Qualcomm, Google, Novartis, Intel, General Electric, American Express...).
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The Goals of Antitrust
Washington DC, 26 October 2012


Economics, Politics and History: Reflections on the Goals and Future of Antitrust with Joshua Wright, Douglas Ginsburg, William E. Kovacic, Daniel Sokol, and many top antitrust experts.
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